Bigpond has launched Dung, a PC and mobile game that claims to be a refreshing change from all the warrior and assassin games out in the market.

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According to BigPond, Dung is all about Dudley the Dung beetle, a vibrant and inquisitive dung beetle who navigates his way through a variety of environments while protecting his ever-growing ball of dung.

The concept for Dung was submitted by Sherele Moody, from Warrnambool, Victoria, for Project Joystick which saw BigPond invest a million dollars in finding and developing a great new original game for PC and mobile play.

BigPond’s Group Manager for Games, Larissa Ivacheff said, “The characters are fun, the story line is engrossing and the game is really entertaining. We believe that the Australian public will love Dudley the Dung Beetle as he has great appeal to gamers young and old.”

Dung enables Dudley to travel through eight beautiful worlds, contains 22 story-modes and has 42 challenge-mode levels to explore.

The PC and mobile versions of the game were built by BigPond’s developer partner, Firemint. 


Firemint’s CEO Rob Murray said: “We’re thrilled to have been able to play a part in this innovative BigPond competition and are especially excited to build Sherele’s concept into a reality. The beauty of Dung is that it is a simple pick-up and play concept but at the same time it also has surprising depths of strategy for dedicated rollers.”

Gamers navigate Dudley through his perilous journey to rescue his family and the Princess from the hands of the dastardly Scarabas Stinkstrong. Along his travels Dudley faces enemies, challenges, and natural hazards. Casual gamers can build their dung-rolling skills to propel the ball through the air and rescue baby Dunglings.

Dung is available to Telstra Next G mobile customers for $5 and in PC format to all, from BigPond’s GameShop for $9.95 from 22 May 2008.

See: www.bigpond.com

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