Headphones have got to be all-rounders these days. We use them working, playing – and increasingly, working out.

It might be the gym, on a train or around the office. Look
around and someone will be wearing a Plantronics BackBeat headphone.


The brand has a mountain load of models tailored for every
lifestyle. The Go2, FIT, Sense and Pro models are four intelligent choices for
anyone on the move, or just sitting still.


The BackBeat FIT is a wireless model equipped with Bluetooth
v3.0. It has inbuilt circuitry with A2DP technology that is simply dandy and
handy for audio streaming without wires. Why? So you can enjoy music from your
smartphone and other portable devices, you clever person. An inbuilt microphone
is also handy for making and taking calls for several hours, without a recharge
while you’re moving or working out.


The Go2, Sense and Pro models are no techno-dullards either.
They’re beautifully built, have street-cred looks and sound divine.


The BackBeat Pro is an over the ear, noise cancelling model
with an engagingly musical sound and an amazing 24-hour battery life.


It has NFC technology to pair with compatible Android phones
and Bluetooth 4.0wireless circuitry with a range of about 1200 metres. The
BackBeat Pro also supports smart devices with AptX technology which is said to
deliver better sound when streaming audio using Bluetooth.


There’s a built-in microphone and the ability to multipair
so you can use the Pro say, with an iPad and iPhone at the same time.

The BackBeat Sense is a very light on-ear model that’s very,
very smart. The Sense uses a sensor to suss out if you’re wearing these
headphones and when you’ve got them off your ears. It resumes playback the
moment you slip them own.


Sense is loaded with Bluetooth 4.0 and like the Pro Model
also has AptX technology for better wireless sound. Range is about 100 metres.


The BackBeat Pro 2 is an in-ear, wireless model and one of
the lightest around which is a pleasing combination especially in the gym or
simply commuting.


Bluetooth technology makes it a doddle to pair with smart
devices so you can stream music without a cable.

An inline microphone
and remote control simply invite making and taking calls while you’re on the
move. What’s more once you’ve paired the Go2 with another Bluetooth compatible
device, it will pair with it automatically.

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