The ZVOX Mini is a small and powerful mini cabinet stereo that delivers sound never before seen in other speakers of this size. This stylish black box is quite easy to use and can be hooked up to just about any device that has an audio output.
And while there are a lot of companies who join the musical bandwagon by producing small, low-quality and cheap speaker systems that they tout as “boomboxes”, a lot of consumers still know what to look for in a speaker system. Besides being affordable, a lot of us are looking for that perfect form factor, various connectivity options, and just sounds “right”.

One of those affordable speaker systems that sound unbelievably good is the ZVOX Mini Cabinet Stereo. The ZVOX Mini is a single-cabinet audio system for any device that has an audio output, has a small profile, simple control knobs, and is easy on the pocket. But what surprised us is the fact that this “Mini” audio system unbelievably packs quite a punch.


ZVOX was able to put three long-range 2.5-inch speakers and a 4×6-inch powered subwoofer in its Mini, while maintaining a small and sleek piano black fascia that complements any room. It has two knobs up front – a volume control and a PhaseCue control knob that adjusts the sound of the soundstage and the amount of virtual surround sound. The Mini also comes with a credit card-sized remote control that has three buttons (volume up and down and mute), making it easy to use.

An input and output jack, a subwoofer level knob, an AC port, and the power button can be found at the rear of the device, with all the necessary cables like the RCA plug cable connection and 3.5mm connector coming with the package. Through this, a user may be able to plug in one’s TV, PC or MP3 player, gaming consoles, and other audio devices that use a “mini jack” or “RCA” connectors.

We have found that the best set-up for the ZVOX Mini is when the speakers are placed around 6-inches from the wall and around 20-inches from the user. We also recommend users to set the PhaseCue control knob to the middle as turning the knob to the left results to dull audio output, while turning the knob all the way to the right results to an artificial and overly bright (too much treble) sound output.


The audio output of the ZVOX Mini was clear and detailed even at a low volume, and was able to deliver music and dialogues well, with the PhaseCue technology taking care of giving us those three dimensional, panning sounds. The Mini was able to produce warm and lively high frequency sounds, with bold mid-range sound that is worth mentioning. And while the bass was a little wanting, it is quite understandable due to its size and construction. Overall, this single cabinet stereo works best when placed near a wall, PhaseCue adjusted, and volume set at a moderate level.


The ZVOX Mini is one of those speakers that sound so good, we’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants an all-around speaker system for their small rooms. It looks and sounds great and can simply blow you away. And while the ZVOX 315 may produce louder and better sounds, the Mini still has that edge in terms of portability and user-friendliness.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 33 cm x 25.4cm x 8.4cm
  • Shipping weight: 4.6 kg
  • Cabinet weight: 3.2kg
  • Power supply weight: 1.4kg
  • Finished in suede-like scratch-resistant paint
  • Controls: Volume (front panel), PhaseCue (front panel), Subwoofer level (back panel)
  • Main speaker size: 6.35cm (three speakers total)
  • Subwoofer size: 10cm x 15cm

ZVOX Mini | $499 | star full The Mini Black Box Of ZVOXstar full The Mini Black Box Of ZVOXstar full The Mini Black Box Of ZVOXstar full The Mini Black Box Of ZVOXstar empty The Mini Black Box Of ZVOX| www.zvox.com.au

For: Small form factor, ease of use, remote control, connectivity to various devices like MP3 players, TV sets, etc.
Against: Hard to adjust PhaseCue, lacking digital input, not enough “oomph”.
Verdict: A small and powerful stereo system

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