Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth of England has turned hip. Now she’s bopping to the latest sound thanks to a brand new silver backed iPod. Now Apple are looking for a royal warrant.

Who said the Royal family is out of touch with the real world? News has leaked out that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has purchased a silver backed iPod. Apparently the old dear sent a servant down to the real posh Apple Store in London’s Regent Street to buy the latest iPod for $495, and according to sources the servant even asked for a royal discount

“It is believed Prince Andrew, who is the technical whiz kid of the Royal Family, suggested the idea of buying one to his mother,” Apparently the Queen is fond of the odd tune, and likes Katie Melua and Michael Ball.  “The Queen does a lot of travelling and an iPod is a very convenient way of listening to music while on the move,” a royal ‘source’ apparently said. Now insiders say that Apple is set to apply for a royal warrant which will entitle them to join an elite group of suppliers to her highness. 
From earliest times tradesmen and women who served their sovereign by providing goods and services – from making robes and regalia to repairing roofs and painting walls were rewarded with a royal warrant.  Apple who made its name in the publishing market have something in common with William Caxton, the first English printer, who was appointed King’s printer in 1476 after setting up his press at Westminster.

As years passed Royal life and tastes changed. Henry VIII appointed Thomas Hewytt to ‘Serve the Court with Swannes and Cranes’ and ‘all kinds of Wildfoule’.  Charles II’s list of Royal tradesmen in 1684 included a Sword Cutter, an Operator for the Teeth, and a Goffe-club Maker, whilst among the tradesmen supplying the Royal Household in 1789 were a pin maker, a mole taker, a card maker and a rat catcher.

In the late 18th century Warrant Holders began displaying the Royal Arms on their premises and stationery.  However, it was Queen Victoria who ensured Royal Warrants gained the prestige they enjoy today.  During her 64 year reign the Queen and her family were responsible for granting more Royal Warrants than ever before – more than 2000, eight times as many as the Queen’s uncle, George IV.  They included companies such as Fortnum & Mason, Schweppes, and Twinings, all of whom still hold Warrants today.   A number of women were granted Warrants including a Modeller of Wax Flowers, a Chronometer Maker and a Silversmith.
On the Technology front no one has got a Guernsey except for Linn HiFi and the car phone warehouse who supply discounted mobile phones to the royal household.

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