Samsung has launched a new refrigerator, called the Chef Collection refrigerator, that hits the heights of culinary design and is the largest refrigerator in the company’s range to date at 1028 litres.

According to Samsung, the Chef Collection refrigerator is “the epitome of Samsung design excellence and is a model designed to bring some amazing features and opulence to Australian kitchens.” 

To design a fridge that was new and fresh, Samsung gained insights from some of the world’s leading Michelin chefs and top culinary masters. Developed in collaboration with Samsung Club des Chefs, a global Samsung culinary initiative which brings together world class chefs to inspire the development of next-generation Samsung appliances. 

As a result of this collaboration, the refrigerator’s features include temperature control, larger capacity and versatile compartments.
Chefs who contributed to the creation of this refrigerator include: Michel Troisgros, Maison Troisgros, Roanna, France, Michelin 3-star; Fran Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli of Frankies Spuntino restaurant, New York; Christopher Kostow of Meadowood, Napa Valley, Michelin 3-star; Eric Trochon of Ferrandi Culinary School, Paris, awarded Meilleurs Ouvriers de France; and Daniel Boulud of DANIEL restaurant, New York, Michelin 3-star. 

One feature which came directly from insights shared with these master chefs was the fact that many professionals prefer their meat and fish to maintain optimal temperatures before cooking. Based on this insight, the refrigerator has a feature called Chefs Pantry – a specific compartment which allows items like red meat and fish to be chilled at -1 degree.
According to Samsung’s head of home appliances here in Australia, Mike Lilly:”Entertaining in the home is a much celebrated Australian past-time that some of us take very seriously, especially when it comes to selecting the best appliances for the job. With amazing design and functionality at the forefront of the Chef Collection offering, we believe Australians will love the way this refrigerator can fit into the modern household. I believe the Chef Collection refrigerator celebrates the art of entertaining and cooking in the home.” 

“This product has been designed with the aim of revolutionising how food is stored, prepared and presented and we are looking forward to seeing how consumers embrace it,” he added. 

The Chef Collection refrigerator has been designed to help make preserving food easy, with Triple Cooling Technology. This feature allows you to control the three different zones of the refrigerator separately, dependent on your fresh food, meat, seafood and beverage needs. This provides a stable temperature and avoids the risk of odours mixing between compartments.
The lower right compartment of the refrigerator features a Fridge-in-Freezer which can be converted from a refrigerator to a freezer, providing flexible storage space to help preserve fresh food, wine and beverages or alternatively for storing frozen meals. There are four temperature settings: -23, -17, -1 and 5 degrees, giving customers the choice of how much they cool their food.

The fridge also contains a built in, stainless steel Chefs Tray which can be used for marinating meats and seafood. The tray can be directly pulled out of the refrigerator and placed into the oven and it’s also safe to be washed in the dishwasher. 

The Chef Collection has a modern and sophisticated feel and features a Miracle Display which highlights the temperature settings through blue LED lights that shine out of perforated holes in the steel setting. Additionally, the refrigerator features still and sparkling water, powered by SodaStream. One SodaStream gas cylinder is included and additional gas cylinders are sold separately. 

Chef Collection also includes Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology which is designed to drive reliability and performance. Samsung offers a 10 year parts warranty on the Digital Inverter Compressor which is the motor that powers the refrigerator. 

Additional features include: 2.5 energy star rating; Ice dispenser featuring cubed and crushed ice; built in still and sparkling water powered by SodaStream; and extension drawers in the freezer.
The Chefs Collection refrigerator will retail for $11,999 from selected Australian retailers. Specifications are: width of 908mm; depth of 906mm; height of 1850mm; total capacity of 1028 litres; refrigerator capacity of 536 litres; and freezer capacity of 231 litres.

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