Thousands of consumers are returning their new Nintendo 3D gaming console, because of dizziness while playing 3D games a major newspaper has claimed.

In the UK the story has made front page news on the Sun newspaper a publication that sell 10 million copies a day.

They said that furious gamers made ill by Nintendo’s new 3DS console have been REFUSED full refunds.

Record return levels were reported after thousands suffered headaches and dizziness. Many only got some cash back from shops – or nothing at all.

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The Sun said that one dad became ill after playing the device for 3 minutes with his young son.

Sundeep Tailor, 27, returned the revolutionary 3D machine, which has left thousands with dizziness and headaches, after just 24 hours.

Staff at his local Game store at first refused to refund him, then offered him $50 less than he had paid. Sundeep, of Luton, Beds, who was also out of pocket after paying $40 for games, said: “I lost money in just 24 hours. There will probably be more people in my position.”

The 3DS flashes separate images into each eye, creating the illusion of depth.

Nintendo Australia are not saying how many complaints, if any they have recieved in Australia.

The Guardian newspaper said that big etail stores are only required to provide refunds if a product is faulty, and experiencing unpleasant after-effects following the viewing of 3D images does not currently qualify.


Nintendo claim that a small percentage of people are susceptible to these symptoms when viewing any similar technology – including 3D films or 3D television – because of the way our eyes are required to focus on two different inputs in the absence of other sensory cues. 3D TV manufacturers are regularly placing warnings in instruction manuals that some people experience discomfort while viewing 3D images.

“The law only provides you with a remedy if the goods are not of satisfactory quality,” said Espe Fuentes, a lawyer for the UK consumer organisation Which? “Shops are not to obliged to offer anything.

The only way a customer is protected in this sort of situation is if the store has a no-quibble guarantee. Obviously, if Nintendo decides there is something wrong with the console, there would be a product recall.


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