It’s funny how you have a craving for a tasty, piping hot soup meal in winter

As temperatures head south and dip into
single digits, the ideal way to satisfy this craving is by using an appliance
as clever as Tiffany’s Stainless Steel Cooker.

Think of Tiffany’s model as an electric pot
with a removable ceramic crock pot and the overriding feature of being able to
cook a family meal at low, constant temperatures for up to 12-hours, and you’re
close to understanding why so many users love their slow cookers.

But slow cookers aren’t just about stews,
soups or meat and poultry dishes. They’re also ideal for vegetarian foods,
daily family meals and parties.

In fact they’re perfect for tossing in your
chosen ingredients, and dialling in an 8-12 hour simmer as you head out the
door to work.

When you return you’ll have a succulent
meal for all the family with enough to go around thanks to the Tiffany’s 6.5
litre capacity. Moreover it’s a meal that’s been prepared with a minimum of
fuss and requiring no stirring in most cases.

The Tiffany SC65SS has a 6.5 litre
capacity, a stainless steel outer body, a tempered glass lid which lets you see
how your meal is faring, Cool touch handles, a Cook and Serve removable ceramic
crock pot, three heat settings (High, Low, Auto (keep warm)) and the lid and
crock pot are dishwasher proof. Warranty is for 12-months.


Tiffany Turbo Convection Oven

While they’ve been best sellers in Japan
for more than thirty years, Turbo Convection ovens like Tiffany’s 0VT01 are now
winning accolades in the West.

Because it cooks superbly using convection
heat concentrated in one compact appliance, these space saving Convection Ovens,
unlike normal ovens, keep the heat in rather than radiating all around the

And there’s another bonus: Tiffany’s
Convection oven doesn’t require preheating. Simply open the lid place the food,
even food just thawed from the freezer, into its glass bowl or on the stainless
steel stand to separate and get ready to roast, bake, grill or broil your
family’s meal.

Think of the Tiffany 0VT01 as the perfect
table top oven and it’s easy to tote up its benefits. It’s a space saving
cooking appliance and it’s moreover versatile. It’s also faster to cook than a
conventional oven and can be up to 50 per cent quicker, while using only about
80 per cent of the electricity needed.

The Tiffany is also healthier. Cooking
meats doesn’t require the addition of oil or other fats and there’s no smoke,
unpleasant odours or radiant heat in your kitchen. The natural fats and juices
that are found in meats also drips down the glass bowl which is then easily
wiped down clean.

The Tiffany is really easy to use and its
17-litre capacity is more than ample for family meals. A variable temperature
control allows you to pick the perfect heat setting for every kind of dish and
its instant heat/thaw and wash modes make it the perfect kitchen appliance.

The Tiffany 0VT01 is completely portable
and is supplied with a 12-months manufacturer’s warranty.


Heller Ice Maker

The Silver finished Heller Electronic Ice
Maker can produce 12 kilos of ice every 24 hours so even over the holiday
season, you will never be without ice in or around your drinks, saving you
trips to the bottle shop or petrol station by having ice served to you in the
luxury of your own home. Sporting an elegant, compact design, the Ice Maker
produces either small or large ice cube sizes.

Easy to use, it can make nine cubes of
small ice in seven minutes. A handy feature is its removable ice basket so you
don’t need to dig around to get your ice. With a 12-month warranty, this Ice
Maker will make your life a little easier these holidays.


Heller 116L Bar Fridge

Heller’s 116 litre Black Bar Fridge is all sleek,
modern styling and will look perfect in the media room, outdoor kitchen, bar
area or even the office. With a flat black finish and glass shelves, it has a
temperature range of 0-10 degrees and an adjustable thermostat. Ideal even as a
secondary fridge, it comes fitted with a freezer box with ice making

An interior light shows you where
everything is and the manual defrost setting makes cleaning easy. With an
adjustable levelling leg, you can keep it stable and we think this is a must
for all those doing a little extra entertaining over the holidays.

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