Hybrid Television Services has announced that it will change the TiVo Home Page to support the Freeview brand.

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Over the next week, all TiVo customers will “Watch Freeview” instead of “Watch Live TV” as the TiVo Central screen has been changed to support the digital free-to-air TV brand.

CEO of Hybrid TV, Robbee Minicola said, “We are proud to display the Freeview name on our TiVo ‘home page’ within the TiVo Central menu as the Freeview brand represents more than digital TV. Their brand represents more viewing content as can be seen today on GO! and ONE.”

“We will continue to support and endorse free-to-air digital television in Australia and look forward to bringing more of the Freeview experience to new customers in the lead up to Christmas and beyond,” added Minicola.

This change required approval by the American licensor, TiVo Inc, as it represented a fundamental change to the TiVo user interface. However, TiVo Inc appreciates the Australian TV market is significantly different to the US market where free TV is virtually non-existent.

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