Anyware has recalled its Fiivo PVR box with BitTorrent capabilities due to a legal challenge from TiVo Brands.

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According to Anyware’s Marketing Manager, Steve Grant, the product is being recalled due to a direct challenge to the name in which the multimedia player is sold under (Fiivo), with TiVo requesting that all promotion  of this item be ceased as well.

“This item is very new and its recall would have a very minor impact to our operations. If the product had been in the channel for longer than six months then this may have been a different story, as the level of interest in the Fiivo was very strong due to its functionality,” says Grant.

Grant says that while the product is being recalled, they are thinking of re-branding the product under a new name due to the high level of interest.

The re-launch of this product will be announced at a later date.

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