Toshiba has added digital audio players at opposite ends of its gigabeat digital music player product range, including a 60GB model.

Toshiba has added the entry-level Flash and the premium X series models to its gigabeat compact digital audio player range.

Toshiba claims that the Flash model is smaller than a Tim Tam biscuit. It comes in 512MB ($179) and 1GB ($229) models. The X series is available in 30GB ($429) and 60GB ($569) capacities and is 20 percent smaller than the gigabeat F series launched in July last year.

Both models feature full colour screen displays, USB charging and new headphones including virtual surround sound technology (SRS WOW Sound). It also claims a longer battery life, with the X series quoting 16 hours.

The gigabeat Flash weighs 50 grams, measures 13 mm. It supports WMA, MP3 and WAV file formats and features an Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED) full colour screen and FM radio tuner. A neck strap is included.

A built-in voice recorder is handy for reminders.

Toshiba claims the 1GB model can playback up to 250 songs and has a maximum 14-hour battery life.

The X series features a larger (2.4 inch) LCD screen and displays full colour photos. The screen is QVGA, usually seen on high-resolution mobile phones and small digital camera displays. 

They come with CD RipRec function which is claimed to save the user time by uploading entire CDs direct to the player, literally at the push of a button. Gigabeat room management software can feature album cover art, separate audio and photo libraries, multiple options to manage and share music by using a drag and drop method or full WMP10 support.

Toshiba’s gigabeat range of digital audio players consigns specific colours to each internal drive size. The smaller drives are white and the larger drives are black. Harvey Norman has exclusive distribution rights to a cherry red 30GB X30.


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