Giant 360 degree LED displays have been unveiled by Media Planet throughout ten of Australia’s largest shopping centres.

How giant? Try 2.5 metres high with a 5.5 metre circumference. The 360tv all-angle behemoth was launched offering advertising spots slotted in amongst ABC news, sport, weather and business. Showcasing a 12-minute loop, the 360tv represents an innovative leap in consumer advertising.

The displays, which are Taiwan-assembled from a combination of Japanese and other asian-supplied parts, feature “Resolution, colour, brightness and sound quality exceeding that available in Australia on conventional, plasma or LCD screens,” claims Media Planet. How exactly? Media Planet director, Jonathan Papworth, said 360tv manifests as the clearest, brightest and most colossal televisions shipped in Australia. “It uses LED technology, so it is a lot brighter; there are greater pixels and it is between two and four times better than any current LCD and plasma televisions we have here”.

Though targeted squarely at the commercial market, 360tvs can be purchased by consumers from Media Planet, which holds the Australasian distribution contract.

The 360tv is found in shopping centres throughout 22 countries including America, China and Japan, and claims to have already made a local impact. “Every advertising spot is completely booked out up until after Christmas,” said Papworth.

Media Planet director Greg Johnston said “With worldwide research revealing that up to 75 percent of brand decisions are made at the point of purchase, this new medium represents a strong opportunity for advertisers to influence that decision. Australia’s top consumer brands will now have access to their target market at the point of purchase, capturing their attention with superior content, vision and sound.”

Look for 360tv in a food court near you.

See: www.mediaplanet.tv


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