At the recent San Diego Comic Con one of the announcements that crept onto the internet were reports of a MMO game based on the popular Twilight Franchise.

However, while the project has been met with rabid enthusiasm from fans, it is not a reality as such.  The game has been reported as being an MMO where players will be able to play as one of three classes being Human, Vampire or Werewolf and participate in the events within the Twilight Saga of books.

However, media seemed to have jumped the gun on this report.  In reality, the game is a project being developed by students with no plans to be released to the public.  The game is in development, that much is true, but the developer BrainJunk studios does not have the rights to the Intellectual Property and has not been approached by an official representative of Summit Entertainment, the company that owns the rights to the Twilight series.

In fact, the development studio is founded by a student and self confessed Twlight fan,  Brandon Gardner.  The 26 year old is an Ex Us Navy veteran currently working towards a Bachelor degree with a major in Game Software.

The project has a website www.twlightthevideogame.com where the team behind the game is profiled and the progress of it will be regularly updated. However, as the sites FAQ reads:

“This game is being created for academic purposes and as such is a non commercial venture for everyone with the project.  Once the game is well polished and of the highest quality all materials related to the game will be surrendered to Summit Entertainment.  It is their decision if they want to publish the game or not.  Everyone on the development team understands that they are a non paid volunteer, and this includes the games director as well.  This project isn’t about money.  This game is about the passions of everyone involved for The Twilight Saga.”

The FAQ ends with a very clear statement “WE DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS”

While this means that the fans of the Saga won’t be seeing an MMO of Twilight any time soon, the news has proven successful in publicising Brandon and his development ambitions.

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