Digg reborn: social news site to be a “more relevant and social” – by making you sign into Facebook.

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After being sold for a pittance, Digg is back in the guise of Diggv1 along with a slew of new iPhone and mobile apps as it looks to become relevant again in the fickle online world.

“On July 20, we announced that we were turning Digg back into a startup and rebuilding it from scratch in six weeks. After an intense month and a half, we managed to get the new Digg up and running on a fresh code base and infrastructure,” the new Diggv1 team wrote on a blog.

Last month, media company Betaworks bought the once darling of the web, Digg, that  lets you dig popular stories from the web Facebook, tweets and websites and share them with others, for just US500,000.

The new features include: personalization features, new commenting tools, Reading List, different views on the top stories on Digg, and “more data to help users better understand why a particular story is trending.”

However, the main change is Diggv1 users now have to sign into Facebook or Twitter if they want to ‘Digg’ a story, like News.me Betaworks’ other creation.

The Diggv1 team know this “isn’t ideal” but say its a short term solution but will “seriously cut down on spam.”

But some Digg users aren’t digging the change:


“I have to sign in with Facebook to Digg a story??? You have automatically lost me from step one. Do a little more heavy lifting and get rid of the Facebook requirement, otherwise this is just a joke of a relaunch.”

The revamped Diggv1 also says the change is “just the beginning” so we’ll expect plenty more to come.

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