Uniden is in the process of launching four new phones to the Australian market. From entry level cordless to the latest in spread spectrum DECT with 10 handsets off a single base unit.

New Uniden range of phones
At the top of the range the DSS 7855+1 ($299 RRP) operates at the 5.8GHz frequency and uses spread spectrum technology so the chances of interference are much lower than competing phones. The model features Caller ID, a 100 number phonebook, three-way conferencing and built-in speakerphone as well as an integrated digital answering machine. The +1 in the model number indicates it comes with an extra handset. The base station will support up to 10 handsets so you will run out of rooms before you run out of capacity. Uniden also offers the DSS 7815+1 without the answering machine for $199 (RRP).

Also at that price is the latest in the WDECT range, the 2345+1. This two-in-one digital phone system comprises a corded and cordless phone, so it keeps on working even in the event of a power failure. Based on the more common 2.4GHz spectrum, the WDECT 2345+1 operates in a wider bandwidth than conventional DECT phones. This enables it to deliver a longer range and a clear secure line. There’s room for 20 contacts in the phonebook as well as Caller ID, answering machine and support for up to four handsets.

The DECT 1855 ($119 RRP) works on the 1.8GHz frequency and includes what Uniden calls V-Quad technology for four-way voice enhancement, caller ID, a phonebook that can store up to 100 contacts, digital speakerphone and integrated answering machine. It supports six handsets off the one base unit. Additional models are available in the range including the new DECT 1825 which is available as a single handset and no answering machine. Perfect for the single household, it is just $79 RRP.

At the bottom of the price range, for $49 RRP your customers can choose the XS1210 which is a more vanilla offering. At 2.4GHz frequency the XS1210 includes one-touch call waiting, built-in pager, 10 speed dial memory and up to seven hours of talk time. For an extra $10 there’s a model with Caller ID and for an extra $40 there’s a model with integrated digital answering machine.


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