iGo records even when you’re not in the vehicle

Uniden ‘crash cam’ in-car vehicle recorder iGO Cam 600 has just hit Oz, and costs $129.95. 

Featuring a 2 inch 1080p Full HD screen, iGo continues recording even while the car engine is switched off and driver is not in the vehicle, captures footage if the car is bumped or scraped, with Parking Mode Recorder – the first camera of its kind to do so
sleuhenh embeded image 1 Uniden iGo Crash Cam $129

The new single camera model is ideal to protect drivers from road-related disputes and claims. 
Uniden’s latest iGO Cam 600 has the latest in vehicle accident recording ‘black box’ technology and Motion Detection, which automatically detects sudden changes in a car’s movement via built-in G-sensor and instantly starts to record footage with its wide Full HD camera
Other features include a Micro SD slot, built-in microphone for audio and an optional LED for Night Vision for clear footage, in dark lighting. 
Uniden Crash Cam is also mobile ready with a clever app that turns iOS or Android smartphone into a single camera crash cam, priced at AU$4.40. 
The new Uniden iGO Cam 600 is available now from leading consumer electronics retailers.
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