Internode is offering cheap NBN phone servicesYou can bundle Internode’s NBN phone with broadband services and get $10 off a month.

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Internode’s new Fibre Phone service offers “untimed” landline calls Australia-wide  for 18 c.

The new phone service over the National Broadband Network is a traditional phone service but with “VoIP-style pricing” the telco says, starting at $29.95 a month (plus a $49 initial setup fee).

Calls to other Internode Fibre Phone or NodePhone users are free and 29 c per minute to standard Australian mobiles.

Other features include both caller ID and a voicemail system – with the option of voicemail appearing as an email.

In most areas you can retain your existing phone number for a fee or choose a new number.

The Fibre Phone (UNI-V) port on the NBN Network Termination Unit is essentially a built-in analog telephone adapter, which allows the delivery of traditional PSTN-type phone services after the copper telephone network is switched off in 18 months time.

The SA based telco is one of the first to complete the NBN Co accreditation process and says it has undertaken extensive trials of the new phone service.

“It’s exactly the same as a regular landline. They just plug in their existing phone handset and start to make calls,” says Internode Product Manager Jim Kellett.

The $49 setup charge is waived if the customer signs a 24-month contract.

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