Wireless broadband provider Unwired is expanding its product range to include a new Wireless Card for laptop computers. Previously only iBurst offered a truly mobile wireless broadband solution in Australia.

The service will initially only be offered to select Unwired customers in North Sydney, Parramatta and parts of the inner, but a full roll-out of a truly mobile wireless service from Unwired should occur in the new year. During the initial pilot phase users will be offered an introductory package at a reduced price, including the Wireless Card and an up to 750kpbs/128kpbs plan.

The company also announced an extension to its Sydney network to include eight new base stations and upgrade work at a number of existing locations.

“We are very excited to be moving towards the next phase for Unwired ­ offering enhanced portability for customers already enjoying the simplicity of our wireless broadband offering,”  said Unwired CEO David Spence. “The wireless broadband market is showing strong growth  and as more consumers switch to laptops, demand for products such as our Wireless Card will increase.

“We have chosen a staged launch to carefully measure the customer experience. We envisage our network coverage area may vary depending on whether you use our desktop modem or the Wireless Card. Feedback from customers during this first stage will be pivotal to ensuring we meet customer expectations for the full launch.”

The company said its new base stations, which will be rolled out by the end of the year, bring to 79 the number of Unwired sites in Sydney significantly improving coverage in Sydney’s CBD, North Sydney and parts of the eastern suburbs and inner west.

The decision to upgrade a further nine existing base stations, will also add more capacity in areas of high demand, such as Parramatta, Bondi Junction, North Sydney, Surry Hills, Kogarah and Canterbury.

The company, which recently received a significant capital boost from an Intel Corp. investment, is expected to roll-out its wireless broadband offering to other capital cities in the new year.

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