ViewSonic launch 23″ LED HD slim monitor.
The VX2336s-LED is a 23-inch screen with IPS panel and delivers ultra-wide viewing angles with full ergonomic adjustability and is ideal for multi-tasking.

 The ViewSonic display offers wide 16:9 ratio and full HD 1080p video resolution, meaning excellent quality multimedia or gaming experience.

The 23″ LED also comes with SuperClear technology, meaning it produces high 20,000,000:1 contrast ratio which enhances grey levels displaying “true black” and distinct colour depth for sharp images.

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Coupled with super-slim premium panels and ViewSonic’s exclusive SuperClear technology, the screen can be adjusted to vertical and horizontal angles and can reach as wide as 178 degrees- ideal option for graphic/artistic design, photography, animation/multimedia, and video editing.

Its slim profile also saves space on the desktop.

The VX2336s-LED is environmentally friendly with a three-phase ‘Eco Mode’ that automatically adjusts display brightness according to background lighting.


Eco mode functions include Standard, Optimize and Conserve are manually selected to help save energy.

The display is completely LED backlit, consuming up to 25% less power compared with conventional screens.

The ViewSonic VX2336s-LED monitor is available now AU$279.

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