Vinyl Safe With Pro-Ject Album Cleaners


The vinyl revival is in safe hands with Pro-Ject, who are keeping the albums of the world in tip-top condition with two new compact record cleaners – the VC-E2 and VC-S3.

Both feature a newly designed magnetic record clamp that majorly simplifies the cleaning process and completely protects an album’s label.

Designed and built in Europe, both units use the new Wash it 2 cleaning fluid. This solution is alcohol-free and doesn’t need to be diluted.

Vinyl records need care and maintenance to retain their sound quality. Cleaning with a brush is a reasonable short-term solution, but to truly get into the grooves you need to wet-clean.

%name Vinyl Safe With Pro Ject Album Cleaners

For perfect cleaning, you want a suitable fluid. Alcoholic cleaning fluids can gradually destroy musical information in the grooves over time – that’s where Wash it 2 comes into play. Not only is the pre-mixed liquid alcohol free, it’s eco-friendly, and will clean an album completely in one or two revolutions.

The VC-S3 features a 2.5L reservoir for used cleaning fluid, while the VC-E2 has a 0.5L one.

Both will be available in Australia mid-May 2023, and New Zealand mid-June. The VC-E2 will retail for $899. The VC-S3 will be $1099. Both units are covered by a two year manufacturer’s warranty.