Budget airline Virgin Atlantic has joined Qantas and Korean Air in banning Dell and Apple laptop batteries online, following the recall of Sony Li-ion batteries found in some of these computers.

In the passenger’s information latest news section on the Virgin website, the airline advises that

“As a result of the current problems being experienced by the Apple and Dell Corporations with some of the batteries fitted to some of their laptops, as a safety precaution and with immediate effect, customers wanting to use an Apple or Dell laptop on board can only do so if the battery is removed. Any removed or spare batteries must be individually wrapped/protected and placed in your Carry On Baggage. This is limited to two batteries per passenger.

“In cabins where the seats are fitted with In Seat Power Supplies, leads/adapters will be offered. Where no ISPS is provided or no laptop leads/adapters are available, the use of Apple and Dell laptops is prohibited.

“Virgin is in communication with Apple and Dell. As soon as this safety issue is resolved these restrictions will be lifted.”

Note that In Seat Power Supplies are generally only found in Upper class and Premier Economy seats, so for the plebs in Lower Class – the laptops can only come out once you’ve disembarked.