The Vodafail website issued a report Friday summarising the testimonies of thousands of frustrated Vodafone customers.
The website set up by disgruntled Vodafone customer Adam Brimo to combat Vodafone’s customer service and technical service faults has put the report up for public display after submission to the Australian Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Australian Communication & Media Authority (ACMA).

The report, entitled ‘Vodafone situation: yesterday, today and tomorrow,’ includes customer complaints, possible remedies and hold time data from Vodafone call centres.

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has praised the 12,000-complaint-strong report and its founder.

“Prior to Adam setting up Vodafail many customers thought they were alone in experiencing problems because Vodafone failed to let people know what was going on. This report shines a light  onto what was going on then and what some customers are still experiencing,” said Elissa Freeman, Director of Policy & Campaigns at ACCAN.

Limited action outside of consumer networks has place against the major telco and ACCAN says there are holes in ACMA policy and linked legislation to the media body.

Vodafone is currently in the middle of a legal spiel with law firm Piper Alderman who has organised a class action suit against Vodafone Hutchinson Australia on behalf of nearly 20,000 customers.

Vodafone has lent its support to the Queensland floods in the meantime, detailing in its blog today its donations to the cause along with fee waiving and loan units for Vodafone customers in the affected areas.

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