Red telco looks to lure Telstrites, Optus users with double Internet dataTelco no. 3 is continuing its war on bigger 2 rivals, by doubling data allowances to new customers who sign up to phone plan from today to 3 January, 2014. 

It is also offering double data to existing users who upgrade to a higher value plan – above $60. The doubling of data allowances applies to 12/ 24-month $60 plans or higher, Sim only, BYO plans over $45. 

Vodafone said it doubled Internet allowances, as mobile data usage soars 61% compared to 2012. 
So, a current Voda user on a 60 Plan with an allowance of 1.5GB will now get 3GB – provided they upgrade to $65 plan or higher – ie pay more. 
The real value is if you are a new customer – you’ll get double the data allowance for lifetime of your plan, starting at 3GB for $60 plan, 5GB on $80 cap.  
One of the main reasons Vodafone launched the data deal is to lure users away from rivals Telstra, Optus, a spokesperson told CN, while other telcos are currently cutting their data allowances. 
Vodanow claims the cheapest $60 plan in OZ on a 4G phone, with 3GB data (double that of Telstra, Optus, Virgin) – with  iPhone 5S, Samsung S4 or HTC One, total of $700 value. 
However, if you go for the Apple or Samsung you ll be charged $9 and $5 handset fee on top of the $60. 
The telco anticipates high take up of the offer, “its a good deal compared to Telstra and Optus”, the rep said. The move is likely to see existing consumers move to a higher plan –  and pay more. 
Voda’s Chief Marketing Officer Kim Clarke hit out at rivals, saying: “We have increased our data allowances this year while the others have sat on their hands or gone backwards”. 
“There is an unfortunate industry trend to cut data allowances as a way of exploiting greater consumption, but we’re not going to run with the pack”.


“We are super keen for new customers to try out our brand-new 4G network and take advantage of the amazing data speeds on offer, and give our existing customers the freedom to surf the web to their heart’s content – without worrying about receiving a massive bill”. 

The offer is available from today at all Vodafone stores, the Vodafone website and Vodafone’s customer call centre (1555 from a Vodafone mobile or 1300 650 410 from any other phone).  
New and existing customers can visit www.vodafone.com.au/personal/plans for full details. 
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