Voda has revealed its iPhone 4S plans – its cheapest going for just $29 – hot on the heels of rival Tesltra who unveiled its plan, earlier today. The telco has just opened pre-order for the cult iPhone 4S, which has already sold one million pre-sales globally – and revealed 12-month plans for Business and consumer Caps and Infinite plans.

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‘Cap’ plans vary from $29 to $79, while Apple’s iPhone 4S will be available on there Infinite plan(calls, text) deals ranging from $45-$100, Vodafone has announced.

However the $49, $59 and $79 caps come with generous 1.5GB, 2GB, 3GB data, meaning you can download data ’til the cows come home (well pretty much).

The cheapest iPhone deal from Vodafone is the $29 cap which comes unlimited Voda to Voda calls, 200MB data and the handset is free, regardless of whether its the 16GB, 32GB or 64GB model.

Telstra’s cheapest deal, in comparison, is its $59 Freedom Connect plan, introducing the company’s $79, $99 and $129 offers, while Optus are offering the new iPhone on a $49 option. 

Voda’s Infinite deals also comes with decent data allowances, particularly on the $65 (2GB), $85 (3GB) and $100 (4GB) and free calls and texts to any network in Oz, while Telstra’s data allowances, although on the faster network, are notably lacking especially on higher priced plans.

Aside from $29 cap, on all other plans, handset instalments range from $8 to a whopping $57 monthly  – depending on the plan, although iPhone 4S 64GB appears to be the priciest option, while the 8GB model has minimal fees.

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But Vodafone have just announced another $30 prepaid Cap recharge aimed at the younger market, with $450 credit that can be used on standard and international calls, but also gives ‘Infinite’ texting, social networking on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Linked in & My Space , plus 500MB data, in Australia.

Users can still use their Infinite texts for the length of their 30 day recharge, even if their balance is zero.

And Voda will even deliver the iPhone 4S to your door this Friday, when the device will go on sale nationwide at 8am.


“We are pleased to announce pre-order for the iPhone 4S on 12-month plans for Business and Consumer (Vodafone Cap and Vodafone Infinite) will commence today,12 October, 2011 at 10am.”

Vodafone also told SmartHouse yesterday consumer interest in iPhone 4S, announced by Apple just last week, has been strong:

“Australia’s love affair with iPhone continues. Since pre-ordering opened yesterday, the appetite we’ve seen for the iPhone 4S has been very strong,” declared Noel Hamill, Vodafone, Director of Sales.

“It’s the first time pre-ordering the iPhone has been available, and customers are definitely taking advantage of that to get in early.”

There are three ways to pre-order the iPhone 4S from the telco, in-store, online (www.vodafone.com.au/iphone) or call 1300 300 404.

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