Hours after Optus announced a new monster phone cap, Vodafone has responded into what seems to be a brutal war between the two vendors as they fight to capture 3G customers.

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Vodafone’s Single Business Cap Plans
Last week, Vodafone announced their new 3G network with management indicating that they are set to target Optus customers as opposed to Telstra customers in an effort to grow traffic. In their latest announcement, the company has launched a new range of Single Business Cap plans that delivers up to 1300 minutes of calls, 400 texts, and unlimited Blackberry e-mail and Internet usage.

Vodafone’s Single Business Cap plans are priced at $69, $79 or $99 per month on a 24-month contract and offer customers a bundle of ‘minutes’ of talk-time with no voicemail charges. The caps also include text and picture messages, unlimited BlackBerry email and internet, a monthly data allowance, plus a choice of the very latest smartphones from Vodafone’s extensive device range.

Vodafone Australia’s General Manager of Business Markets, Hugh Humphrey said, “Vodafone is celebrating bringing 3G services to a wider audience across the country by launching a new range of plans that incorporate a generous data allowance to enable our customers to make the most of our network investment.”

“We are committed to offering Australian small businesses a high quality of service and best value 3G services where they’re needed most. There has never been a better time to be with Vodafone,” concluded Humphrey.

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