With a plethora of iPod speakers in the market, manufacturers must come up with simple products that are easy to use. The new Philips DC200 functions just like any other clock radio, except that it can play your music files via its USB and iPod docking ports.

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This white clock radio is small but is packed with functions like USB port for direct MP3/WMA music playback, iPod docking connector with adapters, FM radio function, AUX-in port for hooking up other devices, a Nature mode to calm users down, and an alarm clock to wake you up.

Up front, users will find the display screen with white backlighting that shows the time, radio frequency, input status, along with its black speaker grills surrounding the display. A USB port, Tuning and playback buttons, Brightness control/Repeat Alarm, iPod dock connector, 1 ALM/2 ALM, Navigation keys for iPod, Source, Power, Sleep, Prog/Set Time, and iPod Menu buttons can be found on top of the DC200, giving users easy access. Finally, a pigtail antennae, AUX-in port, and power jack can be found at the rear of the unit.


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After setting the clock, users can immediately tune into their favourite FM station or hook up their iPod to listen to their stored tunes. In addition, users can also plug in any flash drive (with stored MP3 or WMA music files) to its USB drive or connect any other audio device like CD players to the clock radio via its AUX-in port.

The reception of the Philips DC200 is clear and can store up to 20 FM stations. The only ‘problem’ we encountered during the pre-station setting was all the interfering signals being stored and saved to the unit. We definitely recommend users manually set the stations to avoid all the unnecessary stations.

The digital clock can be displayed in two ways by pressing the mode button, making it easy to read anytime. The clock radio does not have any batteries, so if and when a blackout occurs, the alarm and clock function will cease to work.

A sleep function that turns the unit off at 15, 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes is also present, giving users time to listen to their music just before they call it a day. Philips has also pre-installed a ‘Nature mode’ that plays different calming sounds (like beach waves) to soothe you down.


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Users can set up to two different alarm times and alarm modes (iPod, Tuner, USB, Beep, or Preset sounds) as the unit comes with two dedicated alarm buttons. This mode is useful when you need to be woken up at different times during the week. For example, users can set alarm 1 to go off at 7:00am and alarm 2 at 10:00am, setting the first alarm during the weekdays and the second alarm during the weekends.

While small, the Philips speakers were able to belt out tunes from our iPod clearly, although our music started to distort as we turned the volume up. It struggled and had a hard time reproducing bass during our drum and bass album but this is understandable since it is not designed to provide a full-on aural experience.

Overall, the Philips DC200 is a great product for users who want to play music from their iPod or USB drive anytime, as well as wake you up with music that may kick start your day right. It is available now for an RRP of $109.95.

See page over for product specifications and final rating.


 Philips DC200 Docking Entertainment System

Number of speakers: 2
Speaker Features: 2-way
Speaker Type: Front Speaker
Audio Type: Stereo
Total audio output power (Watts RMS): 5

USB Direct for MP3/WMA music playback

Dimensions: 80x216x80mm
Weight: 960g

Philips DC200 Docking Entertainment System | $109.95 |  | www.philips.com.au

For: Form factor; Dual alarm function; iPod docking station; USB port; Aux-in; Clear FM reception
Against: Speaker quality; No bass and treble control
Conclusion: Wake up to the sound of your music with Philips clock radio

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