BigPond has unveiled a great line-up of shows for mobile phones with the launch of BigPond TV on Telstra’s Next G network. With this new feature, users can now watch their favourite shows when and where they want to.

Available only on Telstra’s Next G and 3G mobiles, BigPond TV kicks off with on-demand access to more than 25 TV programs, including the brand new Australian made for mobile programs Big 5 and Girl Friday. It will also provide one-stop access to BigPond’s line up of AFL, NRL and V8 Supercars shows and videos plus an exclusive ‘behind-the-scenes’ series from Silverchair. Other programs include: South Park, The Chaser’s War on Everything, The Shield, Beavis and Butt-Head, Jackass, Pimp My Ride, Spongebob Squarepants, Family Guy, Dirty Sanchez, and Dilbert.

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According to Mr. Justin Milne, BigPond’s Group Managing Director, the program line up, and the unmatched coverage of the Next G network, easily means that fans could view some of their favourite shows when and where they wanted, with simple subscription or pay-per-view pricing. He also said that BigPond TV is revolutionizing how their customers can enjoy their favourite shows. “We are taking top programs out of the lounge-room and onto Telstra Next G mobiles, so customers can enjoy them on the bus, in a park, with friends or simply to catch up on a missed episode at their convenience,” said Mr. Milne.

And with BigPond’s partnership with Sony Pictures Television International, the much anticipated new TV series Damages featuring Glenn Close and Australian star Rose Byrne, and Kidnapped, will be coming soon as ‘catch up’ TV. Episodes of these shows will be available the day after they complete their first screening on Australian free to air TV.

Full-length programs will be ‘chaptered’, so if one wants to watch a season finale, it will now be as easy as just accessing your mobile phone. Moreover, BigPond TV also has launched with two specially-commissioned made-for-mobile programs – Big 5, featuring Hamish and Andy, and Girl Friday, a situation comedy based around the life of a single, female office worker.

Mr. Milne also said that their company will also be breathing new life to some classic TV episodes by pioneering minisodes, which are original episodes edited down to just five minutes. “Get all the fun and action of a Charlie’s Angels or Starsky and Hutch episode, in the time it takes to drink a coffee,” Mr. Milne said.

BigPond TV is the first Australian TV-on-mobile service to offer multiple long-form programs, the first to offer DVD-style menus (to allow for full length programs), the first non US-service to offer full episodes of South Park, and the first to offer ‘Catch Up TV’ with major US shows. “BigPond TV is unrivalled for its line up of popular and cult programs, made for mobile shows and our huge range of exclusive sporting shows and videos, and they are all to be found on the one channel. Consumers no longer want to be locked into being somewhere, tuned to a certain channel, at a certain time for their entertainment. They want it where they are and, when it suits them, and only BigPond brings them entertainment how they want in, in more and more ways,” Mr Milne said.

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