Saving water has never been a higher priority than it is now, and the laundry is one place where you can save a bundle. Fisher & Paykel has launched its own water saving model – the Aquasmart – which is the only 4 star rated top loading washing machine on the market.

So if you like the idea of a top loader (not having to bend down and easier access to your clothes than front loaders) but want the efficiency of a front loader, this could be a good compromise.

Fisher & Paykel says dues to a new washing technique, the machine uses little water and energy and washes a full 8kg load in 55 minutes. It also can spin out clothes at 1000rpm. And since it does have a 4 star water rating, it qualifies for government rebates in NSW, WA and QLD.

“The genius behind Aquasmart is that it gives you all the benefits of both styles of washing machines. The machine’s unique low profile agitator works to gently roll the clothes over each other removing soiling.  Using less energy, less water and taking less time to do a wash, Aquasmart’s wash action is gentle on clothing and the concentration of soap to water facilitates a highly effective wash,” says Fisher & Paykel’s national marketing manager, Peter Russell.

However, if you do need to use more water, you have the option of switching modes from the “High Efficiency” mode to “Conventional Wash” mode, which fully immerses clothing in water.

“Conventional immersion mode may be preferred when more water can help solve common wash problems – for example when colour run may be an issue,” said Russell.

RRP: $1,199

See: www.fp.com.au/aquasmart

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