Sony Australia is set to launch a major 3D TV media blitz that positions the company as a leader in the 3D TV market. Retailers also claim that the local company is looking at introducing an in-store touch-panel that enable customers to switch between a 2D and 3D content demonstration.Sony Advertising seen by ChannelNews reveals that Sony intends to position itself as the leader in 3D in Australia.The company is currently moving to roll out both above- and below-the-line marketing campaigns that communicate a “make.believe” message that Sony is the logical choice when it comes to 3D. 

Sony Australia executives told ChannelNews that Sony Australia has allocated a significant part of its launch budget to retailer education and training on 3D and related issues.

It has also developed special 3D-content Blu-ray discs that will be changed frequently to avoid the content being perceived as “Out of date”.

Sony also intends to use social networking and mail-outs to past owners who have given the company warranty and prize claim information urging them to upgrade to a Sony Bravia TV.

At a function last night Stan Glasgow, Sony Electronics president and COO in the USA , said the company is working harder at returning to the forefront of breakthrough new product innovations, pointing to 3D TV as an area where Sony is moving very aggressively to get out in front of the market quickly.

Glasgow believes that a new Sony product called the Dash, which Sony may show at a launch of its new 3D TV offering in Sydney next week, is an example of new technology being developed by the struggling Japanese company.

The device, which will sell in the USA for around $230, is a home-based Internet entertainment device with a 7-inch LCD screen designed to access popular Internet destinations such as Facebook.

It will also stream movie content to the device that can also be used as a digital picture frame. 

“[Dash] wasn’t just a dream one night, it [came from] the understanding of a lot of consumer insights, and could there be other displays in the home that made sense for consumers,” Glasgow said.


He also said that Sony intends to carry on bundling its products in an effort to get retail sell-through. In Australia, Sony has resorted to bundling Sony PS3 gaming consoles and Blu-ray in an effort to claw back lost market share from Samsung and Panasonic.

Glasgow said that globally Sony’s efforts in marrying all of Sony’s various businesses on synergistic product launches is beginning to work “better and better”. He pointed to a promotional bundle for “one retailer” offering a TV, PS3, a game and a movie that in one day moved 12,000 units in the USA.

All Sony’s marketing campaigns will kick off in April.

Glasgow, who is one of the most senior executives in Sony, said that the company is currently working with CBS Television Studios at MGM in Las Vegas researching consumer adoption trends and patterns for 3D.

Glasgow said Sony continues to study issues related to people with vision problems who are adversely affected by various 3D glasses systems, adding that there may be solutions that can be built into specially modified glasses or through software downloaded into the sets.

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