We Name The Top OZ Google Searches For 2010


What were the hottest Australian searches of 2010? According to Google the passing of Andy Irons Chatroulette, along with searches for information on pop wunderkinds Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, DIY projects and Lemon Diets were among the top searches.This morning Google is released  the hottest search terms of 2010 – the fastest-rising and most popular terms that Australians tapped into Google.com.au this year.

Among them, Wikileaks and the World Cup climbed into the top search charts along with Dukan Diet.

Aussies’ passion for connecting with each other using social media and technology continued in 2010, as we searched more and more for social sites like Chatroulette, Formspring, Tumblr and Omegle. We also got into entertainment in a big way, with lots of searches for Event Cinemas, ABC 3, and of course the 2010 World Cup.

The passing of Andy Irons had people turning to Google for more information, as did pop wunderkinds Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber. As in 2009, Australians were still obsessed with reality TV stars, with Bruce Jenner, Heidi Montag, Kim Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson all making it into the top ten most searched-for celebrities. (We also thought lots of celebrities were dead this year, but Johnny Depp, Taylor Lautner and Justin Bieber seem very much alive!)

Love was in the air in 2010, as we turned online for the inside scoop on the celebrity weddings of Anna Paquin, Chelsea Clinton and Hilary Duff.

We embraced the Dukan and lemon detox diets, at the same time as Googling for minestrone, macaroons and chicken parmigiana – perhaps just as well!

Domesticity was big in 2010, with heaps of searches for Do-it-Yourself projects like kitchens, fencing, painting, decking and renovations.



And when it comes to sport, AFL remained as popular as ever, staying in the number one position followed closely by NRL and cricket, with AFL’s popularity peaking in the Northern Territory, Tassie and Victoria.

A full list of results is included below, and includes movies, retailers and much more. To see the most popular searches from across the world, visit the link below.

Fastest-rising searches 2010

  1. chatroulette

  2. formspring

  3. ABC3

  4. world cup 2010

  5. tumblr

  6. ancestry.com.au

  7. event cinemas

  8. omegle

  9. wikileaks

  10. jetstar


Most popular searches 2010

  1. facebook

  2. YouTube

  3. google

  4. ebay

  5. hotmail

  6. yahoo

  7. real estate

  8. maps

  9. commonwealth

  10. white pages


Fastest-rising news stories 2010

  1. chile earthquake

  2. haiti

  3. ipad

  4. iphone 4

  5. vancouver 2010

  6. melbourne storm

  7. android

  8. volcano

  9. oil spill

  10. world cup



Fastest-rising election stories 2010

  1. australia election

  2. bob katter

  3. julia gillard

  4. election results

  5. voting

  6. abc election

  7. nla newspapers

  8. greens party

  9. labor party

  10. poll bludger


Fastest-rising people 2010

  1. Cody Simpson
  2. Andy Irons

  3. Justin Bieber

  4. Julia Gillard

  5. Lara Bingle

  6. Katy Perry

  7. Kim Kardashian

  8. Jessica Watson

  9. Andrew Bolt

  10. Kevin Rudd


Fastest-rising celebrities 2010

  1. casey johnson
  2. bruce jenner

  3. christina hendricks

  4. heidi montag

  5. joseph gordon-levitt

  6. kendra wilkinson

  7. jared leto

  8. kim kardashian

  9. sandra bullock

  10. jake gyllenhaal


Fastest-rising retailers 2010

  1. woolworths online shopping
  2. urban outfitters

  3. shopbop

  4. saks fifth avenue

  5. dfo south wharf

  6. nordstrom

  7. rubi shoes

  8. graysonline

  9. zara

  10. walmart


Most popular scandals 2010

  1. vanessa hudgens scandal
  2. nrl scandal

  3. masterchef scandal

  4. lara bingle scandal

  5. hey dad scandal

  6. indian scandal

  7. st kilda scandal

  8. miley cyrus scandal

  9. watergate scandal

  10. tiger woods scandal


Most popular celebrity deaths 2010

  1. andy irons dead
  2. carl williams dead

  3. justin bieber dead

  4. gary coleman dead

  5. tiesto dead

  6. taylor lautner dead

  7. johnny depp dead

  8. lil wayne dead

  9. lady gaga dead

  10. slipknot bassist dead


Most popular celebrity weddings 2010

  1. anna paquin wedding
  2. chelsea clinton wedding

  3. hilary duff wedding

  4. kate ritchie wedding

  5. katy perry wedding

  6. miranda kerr wedding

  7. robbie williams wedding

  8. royal wedding

  9. megan fox wedding

  10. kyle sandilands wedding


Most popular celebrity splits 2010

  1. tiger woods divorce
  2. benny hinn divorce

  3. heidi and spencer divorce

  4. bam margera divorce

  5. bill rancic divorce

  6. eva longoria divorce

  7. giuliana rancic divorce

  8. sandra bullock divorce

  9. justine henin divorce

  10. natalie gruzlewski divorce


Most popular movies 2010

  1. the crazies
  2. resident evil afterlife

  3. ben hur

  4. percy jackson

  5. iron man 2

  6. mary poppins

  7. the avengers

  8. transformers 3

  9. breaking dawn

  10. jesse james


Most popular Do-It-Yourself searches 2010 1. diy bunnings 2. diy kitchens 3. diy fencing 4. diy wedding invites 5. diy super 6. diy projects 7. diy painting 8. diy wardrobes 9. diy tiles 10. diy renovations


Most popular diets 2010

  1. dukan diet
  2. lemon detox diet

  3. soup diet

  4. atkins diet

  5. mediterranean diet

  6. csiro diet

  7. blood type diet

  8. gluten free diet

  9. vegetarian diet

  10. low gi diet


Most popular recipes 2010

  1. minestrone soup
  2. macaroons

  3. chicken parmigiana

  4. beef stroganoff

  5. anzac biscuits

  6. pikelet

  7. bruschetta

  8. shepherds pie

  9. banana bread

  10. chicken soup


Most popular sports-related searches 2010 1. afl 2. club 3. football 4. world cup 5. nrl 6. cricket 7. soccer 8. rugby 9. tennis 10. world cup 2010.


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