The clocks have gone back, winter is a-coming. So what’s the best heater? 

“Finding the right heating system comes down to space and personal preference,” Peter Harris, Chief Operating Officer of Appliances Online.   

“It’s important to consider the size of the space when choosing a heater as a larger area will require a greater energy output.”
Consumers should look at the energy rating and make small changes around the home to limit electricity usage like closing doors and curtains stops heat escaping from a room.

Gas heaters
“An energy efficient alternative to electricity, gas heaters are generally much cheaper than other ranges of heaters and are great for large open areas. The more stars your heater carries, the more efficient it is,” says Harris. 
Appliances Online’s pick: Rinnai Granada Natural Gas Heater 252N
Electric oil column heaters
“Sturdy, durable and reliable, electric heaters are great for bedrooms, living rooms and studies. These heaters are also extremely safe as they have no exposed grills or frames.” 
AO pick: Dimplex Electric Eco Column Heater OFRC24TIB 
Electric ‘fire’ heaters
“Electric fire heaters perform as a normal convection heater with the added effect of fire. These are great for bedrooms, studies or small living rooms and are popular for creating a cosy ambience.”
AO pick: Dimplex Electric Fire Heater MINICUBE

Electric panel heaters

“Cost-effective, reliable, and efficient, panel heaters are an excellent choice. Combining convection heating technology with radiant technology, panel heaters operate quietly and are a great  choice if you want to heat up a large area, such as a lounge room. Being slim and lightweight, they are a stylish heating solution while also offering the distinct advantage of being able to fit into a home where space is at a premium.” 

AO pick:  Dimplex Panel Heater 2NC82024L

Split system air conditioners

“Keeping you warm in winter and cool in the warmer months, reverse cycle air conditioners are suitable for cooling multiple rooms or an open area in your home. Split system air conditioners are more energy efficiency when compared to portable and window air conditioners and they tend to operate more quietly.”

AO pick: Kelvinator 2.6kW Reverse Cycle Split System Inverter Air Conditioner KSV26HRC

Choice also tested a number of heaters, with Dyson Hot + Cool AM04 which costs a cool $549 and DeLonghi HCS2552FTS (RRP $149) scoring best.
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