It’s LG’s next generation Smart TV, giving quick and simple access to the content you love most. Uniquely engineered, it’s Smart TV made simple.

LG webOS TV interface preview

What is the LG webOS TV interface?

LG’s new TV interface for 2014 is based on webOS, a piece of software originally used in mobile phones made by Palm. 

LG webOS TV – Design 

webOS is built around a Launcher Bar that pops up on the screen with clearly identifiable information, where one can easily link to key features and apps. This eliminates the step down layers often found on other smart TV interfaces.

Features such as Live TV and the HDMI inputs are even treated as pop up apps, with the television detecting when an attached player wakes up and then asks if you want to switch inputs.

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The Launcher Bar gives you access to all the main portals within the system, including streaming services like ABC iView, YouTube, SBS on Demand as well as more social services like Skype. You also get access to  BigPond Movies and Fairfax News.

In my opinion, one of the most important triumphs is that the interface not only looks good, but is visually intuitive. 

When you click into the LG app store you will find apps including, BigPond TV,  Red Bull TV, YuppTV, CNET, MLB, WOW TV, AFL Game Analyser, Fairfax, Wiggle Time, Red Bull TV, YuppTV, CNET, MLB and WOW TV.

You will also find Picasa, Google Maps, Dezeer, vTuner, Crackle and Ustream. 

A Smart Share offering delivers a DLNA client which automatically detects all the servers on your network. We were able to quickly identify external sources including wireless storage drives sitting on our network.

The interface can be used with LG’s Magic Remotes, which let you use your TV remote a bit like a Nintendo WiiMote – or a laser pointer for the non-gamers among you. However, you can also use it in more traditional fashion too, with a remote directional-pad.

LG webOS TV – Features and Streaming

Integrating Smart TV with your other ‘smart’ devices, webOS benefits from a range of second screen enhancements. LG has released a Connect SDK to allow developers to add webOS connectivity and support into their mobile apps.

Early demos include MusixMatch and allowed us to flick content direct to the home’s biggest screen direct from smartphones and tablets. This Connect SDK will allow everything from streaming, multimedia and imaging apps to offer effortless TV connectivity.

Smartphone control is also available; the dedicated webOS remote app offers another smooth means of navigating the linear launcher. With a touch keyboard at your fingertips, it also aids tiresome input on the browser and search menus.

It has an app store-based software ecosystem – The LG Store – but the most popular LG Store services will come pre-installed on compatible TVs. 

LG webOS TV – Multitasking

Aside from a slicker look and better support for LG’s Magic Remotes, the top benefit of using webOS is the system’s superb ability for multitasking and seamless switching between different apps or content streams. 

The launcher overlay can be brought up wherever you are, making flicking between live TV and smart TV services quicker. Part of the mission plan behind this new webOS TV interface is to break down the wall between ‘normal TV’ and smart TV, which remains a barrier for the less tech-savvy TV owner. 

Things like ABC’s iView are instead brought into the sphere of ‘things your TV can do’. Core TV functions are built into this interface too, including switching between other sources including other HDMI ports.

Much of this multitasking success is down to the way webOS was originally constructed – by Palm, and for mobile devices (primarily, at first). The erratic way we use phones was catered for well by webOS in phones like the Palm Pre, and LG’s TVs are now benefitting from this approach.

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LG webOS TV – Compatibility

Part of the reason why the new LG webOS TV interface is able to look and feel so slick is that it is resource friendly. Plus, all the TVs have dual-core processors that help to improve processing. 
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