Cut down prices from the big discounters aren’t all they re cracked up to be.A quick price survey by Smarthouse reveals that JB Hi Fi are offering the cheapest Apple tablet in town, at $597, in a bid to oust both Big W and Target from the electronics market.
I’m hitting the shops and have one thing on my mind. Tablets. 

Or so says some of the leading discount retailers like Target, Big W, all of whom are selling goods like iPods, iPads what was formerly the exclusive domain of the tech experts like Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and co. 

Such items including Apple iPads, iPods and IPhones are taking prime place on Target and Big W catalogues which are widely distributed throughout their stores and in newspapers. 

It appears however, some execs at JB Hi Fi saw these prices and decided on a strategy – and have come out fighting to fend off some enormous price competition, offering the 16 GB iPad at $597 – lower than both Target and Big W . 

Their other models were also selling for slightly less than the discount stores. 

The iPad 16 GB Wi-Fi can be bought at Target for $628 and the 16GB Wi Fi 3G version selling for $797, which on comparison is $92 cheaper than the Apple Store price of $879.    

JB’s have sought to undercut this price currently selling the item at $794.    


The 32GB Wi- Fi model (without 3G) which retails at $749 at Target is $10 cheaper than Apple, which JB is clearly trying to under cut again offering an extra $2 off Target’s price.

A range of accessories like flexi cases, speaker, earphones and case have all been thrown in by Target to sweeten the deal. 
Big W, which is owned by Woolworths, is also selling iPads at cut cost rates with the same 16 GB model available for $598, although their 32GB is more expensive at $898, as is their 64GB price which is almost on par with Apple at $873.   

JB Hi Fi, which now runs off a new slogan “always cheaper prices” is clearly setting the mark for other big names in electronic to follow suit and is sending out a message to the discounters that they are up for the fight.

A quick scan of Harvey Norman’s prices reveals that Gerry Harvey’s company is also offering the tab at competitive prices which for the most part are on par with Target. 

Consumers and iPad lovers everywhere rejoice.

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