Whereis has released a new version of its mapping software that comes with features like increased speed limit information, speed and red light camera identification, as well as new school zone warnings.

Whereis’s Commercial Manager, Fred Curtis said “Driver and pedestrian safety has always been one of our priorities. In addition to being alerted of even more speed limits and speed and red light cameras, Whereis customers can also benefit from extended signpost and lane information as well as new features such as pictorial representations of junction views.”

“Often, drivers rely on their navigation system for directions to new or unknown locations. With the extensive speed information provided by the updated 16.0 map data, they will be able to use their device to assist them respect speed limits and potentially avoid pricey fines and loss of demerit points,” added Curtis.

As well as servicing major interconnecting roads and highways nationally, Whereis 16.0 also boasts a highly accurate and current rural road network available in Australia. An ongoing update process to rural roads across Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales, ensures improved road attribution and higher accuracy on sealed rural roads.

New school zone warnings help keep kids safe by alerting drivers of changes to speed limits as they approach school zones. The map data also caters for warnings to drivers if they are driving too fast in a school zone.
Updates and new features cover:

  • Increased sign post information across Australia;
  • National network of traffic lights positioning;
  • 80 additional Australian landmarks now available in 3D;
  • More than 200 new Junction Views across Australia and New Zealand
  • New 2D city maps and 3D city models of Melbourne and Sydney; and 
  • Full length lane guidance on major roads in metropolitan areas across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin.

The Whereis 16.0 phonetic database, which enables text to speech (TTS) and advanced speech recognition functionality, has been upgraded from its previous version, 15.1. Ongoing developments to the database enable navigation devices to take into account local, Aboriginal and Maori pronunciations of street names and place names as spoken by the vehicle driver.

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