Aussie telco are usually bagged out for being rip off kings but in fact S III pricing is among the cheapest globally.

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In fact Virgin Mobile is flogging the cheapest Samsung S III plan among all telcos in OZ, and is even cheaper than plans flogged in US , New Zealand and UK, according to comparison site WhistleOut

The best value Galaxy S3 plan is Virgin Mobile Big Plan 29 (400 minutes of calls and 250MB data) coming in as the best value plan (costing $49 pm) , with Virgin’s $39 and $49 plan also getting a mention as top deals.

Over the life of the contract, taking into account the bonus free months, the total contract cost of Virgin 29 plan is $1,034, says WhistleOut who analysed 50 Galaxy S3 mobile plans offered by Australian telcos.

The UK also compared well with Virgin’s mega value deal with its equivalent plan costing $1,202, while New Zealand ($1,881) and USA (A$1,875) all came out as far pricier.

The Samsung S III released last month hailed as one of the best Android smartphones ever released and is set to sell 10 million by next month, Samsung execs said last week.

All main telco are giving deals on S III including Telstra, Optus, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone.

Optus also has a cheap S III plan starting at $30 but you wouldn’t want to be using the Internet very much with just 200MB data and $200 worth of calls although its $89 Optus Timeless Plan was also cited as good deal.

Cameron Craig, Director of WhistleOut, said that Australian pricing for this flagship Android highlighted how competitive Australian telcos now are on an international stage.

“Technology prices are known to be far cheaper in the USA, however the Galaxy S3 shows that to be false for mobile phones on service plans. The UK remains one of the most competitive mobile phone markets in terms of pricing on the leading handsets, but Australia is not far behind,” says Cameron.

Recent promos by Virgin Mobile and Vodafone have demonstrated how competitive Aussie deals can be – both telcos are currently offering bonus data for customers who purchase a Galaxy S3 plan, pushing their offering right up there with the best value UK plans.

Virgin Mobile online promotion with three months free access and a bonus 2GB of free data per month, reduces their total plan price by 12% and adds the equivalent of $240 in data value.


WhistleOut’s international price comparison was based evaluating two plan types: One – cheapest Galaxy S3 plan with a minimum of 400 call minutes and 250MB of data; and Two – cheapest Galaxy S3 plan with unlimited calls and a minimum 500MB of data.

The comparo site also gave Vodafone $79 Infinite Plan a mention as one of Australia’s as one of the best deals with unlimited calls and at least 500MB data

“If the past month is anything to go by, we can expect the Galaxy S3 to end up as Samsung’s most successful phone launch to date as carriers have upped the ante with their value focused incentives,” said Cameron.

Samsung Galaxy S2 is also going cheap at all telcos priced from  $29 per month.

Check Out WhistleOuts comparo listof  Samsung Galaxy S3 pricing here

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