According to the giant US Consumer Report, four key brands stand out in the digital camera market among them is Canon, Casio, Panasonic, and Samsung. Missing from the top group is Sony and Nikon.

Their claims follow the testing of 54 point-and-shoot digital camera models. The top four brands of Canon, Casio, Panasonic, and Samsung continued to perform better than others year after year. They also deliver the best chance of getting a superior performance.

Consumer Reports found many bargain price models, even a few outside of the four leading brands, including the Nikon Coolpix S610 which is the only point-and-shoot tested that performed above average. The subcompact Pentax Optio M50 was also ranked highly outside of the top four brands.

For SLRs, the Canon EOS Rebel XSi with a lens is one of just two basic SLRs that produced excellent image quality.

“Our testing found digital cameras are more reasonably priced and stronger in performance,” said Paul Reynolds, electronics editor at Consumer Reports. “For under $200 shoppers can purchase a point-and-shoot from a reliable brand that will provide good overall photos for all their needs.”


Newer Point-and-Shoot Models Advance in Features

Consumer Report claimed that subcompact and compact cameras now have added features that older models do not have. More cameras are making shooting easier with features like the ability to recognize certain types of scenes such as portraits as opposed to landscapes.

In a recent survey of more than 8,000 subscribers to ConsumerReports.org, many point-and-shoot owners said they found certain features especially useful including image stabilisation, wireless image transfer capability and a touch-screen display to minimize the need to fiddle with buttons and dials.

Face detection and video recording create additional usefulness for point-and-shoots. Face detection helps the camera make focus and exposure of faces the top priorities, while video recording improvements add high def capabilities, which are showing up on some point-and-shoots and SLRs.

For the full report see ConsumerReports.org

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