New Zealand appliance Company Fisher & Paykel have rolled out a new premium range of kitchen gear that includes a world first fridge/freezer that can be fitted into a standard kitchen draw. Called the Cool Draw users can switch from fridge to freezer at the switch of a button.

Speaking in Sydney Fisher & Paykel’s National Marketing Manager Peter Russell said “We are excited by the new range which comprises Izona CoolDrawer, Izona CookSurface and Izona VentSurface. We expect them to build on our previous success in the market” he said.

The Company claims that the key to the CoolDrawer was its flexibility. Like the DishDrawer, the new 900mm-wide refrigerator can be placed in various locations, with individual drawers spread around the kitchen, but performing the same function. The 900mm size means it can fit within standard-sized kitchen cabinetry.

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Adding to the flexibility, the CoolDrawer does not come in designated refrigerator or freezer drawers. Rather, users can switch each drawer from fridge to freezer mode at the touch of a button. Users can also use a ‘chill’ mode for quick cooling of meat or fish, wine cooling mode for storing both red and white wine, and a pantry mode for storing temperature-sensitive foods, doubling shelf life, Fisher & Paykel claim.

“The unique aspect of this product is its flexibility. Because of its size, a number of these could be placed throughout the kitchen at various workstations and. The mode selection capability is matchless and can be altered to suit the user’s requirements,” said Russell.


“Fisher & Paykel forges new design frontiers in kitchen appliances with the launch of Izona,” said Fisher & Paykel’s National Marketing Manager Peter Russell. “We are very excited to introduce the philosophy and innovation of Izona to DesignEX visitors.”

“Essentially Izona heralds the deconstruction of the traditional kitchen, and reconstruction of a cooking and living environment that makes sense for the twenty first century,” said Mr Russell.

In a first for Fisher & Paykel, a new interactive website dedicated solely to the Izona range will be online to coincide with the launch of Izona at DesignEX. The website (www.tomorrowskitchen.com.au) provides detailed specifications of the Izona Range, cooking information and recipes for consumers.

Izona CoolDrawer
CoolDrawer is the world’s first multi-temperature fridge drawer enabling homeowners- to cool, store, freeze, preserve and freshen foods at the touch of a button.

There is a choice of five specifically designed temperature controls. Designed for underbench application, the 900mm wide Izona CoolDrawer simply slides into cabinetry with a minimum of fuss. CoolDrawer also allows limitless personalization in terms of placement around the kitchen, if not the house and includes choices of frontage – stainless steel, Iridium or the discrete fully integrated look.


Izona CookSurface
A world-first in precision design and technology, Izona CookSurface cleverly unites the best features of gas and ceramic glass technology yielding the superior performance of gas cooking – with the simplicity of a smooth glass surface for easy cleaning. With a 3 in a row burner format, CookSurface becomes the epitome of discretion and performance with fan assisted burners, control knobs and pan supports all retracting flush with the glass once cooking has finished.

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Izona VentSurface
The Izona CookSurface is accompanied by the sleek and very stylish Izona VentSurface, featuring the first ever intuitive sensor extraction system that automatically activates to extract smoke and steam the moment you start cooking.
VentSurface features new perimeter extraction technology to effectively form an air-curtain around the CookSurface.

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Izona CookSurface, VentSurface and CoolDrawer from Fisher & Paykel will be available from selected retailers from May, 2008. Cutting edge extensions to the revolutionary new Fisher & Paykel Izona range will be released over the next three years.

Expected pricing across the range will be approximately $3500 per product.

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