What is claimed to be the world’s smallest desktop/nettop PC designed for avid web surfers and prolific emailers will be released in September.

Asus’s Eee Box is designed to work in conjunction with a household’s main PC set up and does not have the full functions of a normal desktop PC.

Users cans read and respond to mailbox matter, make it their own personal jukebox streaming music as well as pictures and video from a media centre or home server, or become a chatterbox and shoot the breeze with friends via VoIP.

The Box can be used for enjoying Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). Today, thousands of programs are freely available on the web, allowing users to personalise and watch a roll of TV shows with ease. With ASUS Express Gate technology, the Eee Box will start up in about five seconds, and it is also a lockbox offering good security.

About the size of a paperback book, users can reclaim the desk space previously lost to bulkier, intrusive desktop systems. Furthermore, it can even be mounted to standard to LCD displays to save solution.
A touch sensor button and vertical placement exudes a seamless and futuristic outlook, while smooth curves further accentuate a refined form that complements most interior designs.


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Inside this modern toolbox, the Eee Box supports the latest WiFi 802.11n wireless standard – providing up to eight times faster connectivity than previous 802.11b/g wireless. Users can download a 30-minute video in 44 seconds.

Compared to a full-sized desktop, the Eee Box is an energy-efficient performer reducing power consumption by up to 90 percent, claims Asus. It also is made with earth-friendly materials for reduced CO2 emissions; and conforms to Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) standards.


Operating system – Windows XP Home
CPU & Chipset – Intel Atom N270 (1.6GHz), Intel chipset
HDD – 80GB HDD, 5400RPM
Cardreader – SD/SDHC/MS/MS Pro/MMC
WiFi  – 801.11n
LAN – 10/100/1000
USB ports – 2


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