Aussie consumers are being charged too much for Apple goodies.

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Thats according to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak who is appalled at how we’re being forced to cough up way more than the US for iPads, iPhones and other Apple devices.

Wozniak – fondly known as Woz – told ABC radio the massive price disparities is “horrible.”

The former Apple man who founded the billion dollar giant with Steve Jobs, before leaving in the late eighties, is in Sydney to tell his life story.

“The large duties in Australia I’m sure I would not favour. Maybe […] people are very happy and feel very well off because of the protections but I just think it’s horrible,” Woz told ABC in an interview.

But its not just iPhone and iPad that are far pricier Down Under- poor ‘ol Wozniak was shocked to discover his car is three times more expensive in Australia compared to the States.

You can “ship anything anywhere in the world for almost nothing nowadays” he notes.

“I’m not really political,” Wozniak said to ABC 702 Sydney’s Adam Spencer. “I would probably wind up being a libertarian thinking we shouldn’t have boundaries between countries, you know?”

Apple’s 16GB iPhone 4S retails for $799 here while it cost US$649 in the US, meaning we are being charged a massive $157 more, despite the parity of the Aus and US dollar.

And ditto for iPad 3.

Down Under it retails at $649 for 32GB WiFi model while Apple are charging just US$599 in the States.

Woz also spoke about the creation of Apple I computer in 1976 with Jobs, back in the early days of computing.

“In that point of time, computers were so expensive that only corporations, the military and the government had computers. Small businesses really couldn’t afford them”, says Woz.

But that day is long gone.

And Ausssies are starting to wake up to the massive price gouging Australians are subject to thanks to online shopping – and even the government too is starting to pay heed.


Last week Minister For Communications Stephen Conroy announced the establishment of a parliamentary committee to investigate why some of the biggest technology companies in the world are charging far higher prices here.

Read full Steve Wozniak interview on ABC here

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