Rub your hands together folks, ’cause Xbox 360 will be on sale next week – well, some of it, at least.

The box proper will be unavailable until 12:01am (yes, at night) on March 23, but in the meantime launch titles such as Gotham Racing 3, Kameo: Elements of Power and Perfect Dark Zero will be available from March 2, for $100 apiece.

Itching for a wireless controller? You might want to pitch a tent outside Harvey’s on March 8 to avoid the queues and stampedes when they go on sale the next day.

Other Xbox 360 accessories include:

· 64MB Memory Unit ($50). Allows you to save your in-game achievements and unique gamer profiles to take everywhere you go.

· Play & Charge Kit ($35). Rechargees your Xbox 360 Wireless Controller while you play.

· 20GB Hard Drive ($170). Save games, store music, download new content, and play an array of original Xbox games.

· Wireless Networking Adapter (170). Connect your Xbox 360 wirelessly to Xbox Live.

· Xbox Live headset ($50). Chat with friends and strategise with teammates over Xbox Live.

· Universal Media Remote ($50). Ergonomic design with backlit buttons, universal TV remote and integrated Windows XP Media Center controls.

What you’re going to do with them for a fortnight without the console, we don’t know. SmartHouse is taking creating suggestions.

The Xbox 360 Core System ($500) includes the console, composite AV cable and wired controller.

The Xbox 360 will sell for $650 and includes the console, 20GB hard drive, media remote, wireless controller, component high-definition cable and Ethernet cable.

See www.xbox.com.au


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