Microsoft claims the take up of Xbox Live increased by a massive 88 percent in 2008, with Australians getting more than 4.2 million downloads and spending a combined total of 27 million hours on the Xbox LIVE social entertainment network.

Console sales have reached the half million mark, while downloads include games, songs, demos, upgrades, exclusive content and trailers, to name a few. In Australia, this has been a ground-breaking year for the platform with more than 50 per cent of Xbox 360 owners connecting online. 

Starting at a recommended retail price of $299 AUD, Xbox 360 is the lowest-priced product of its kind with the most games available. “2008 is the year we’ve really been able to open up our market and reach beyond early adopters.  There’s fun for everyone,”  said Kimberley Francis, Xbox Marketing Director. “Our current favourite is the new singing game Lips, which takes karaoke to a whole new level.”

Local facts

  • 500,000 Xbox 360 consoles and 4 million Xbox 360 games sold at retail in Australia to date
  • More than 50 per cent of Aussie Xbox 360 owners are connected to Xbox LIVE
  • Australian Xbox LIVE membership increased by 88 per cent on 2007
  • There are over 17 million members on Xbox LIVE worldwide
  • Australians made 4.2 million downloads from Xbox LIVE in 2008
  • Aussies spent over 27 million hours on Xbox LIVE in 2008
  • Xbox 360 owners have an average of nearly 8 games for their console
  • 63 per cent of the 500 games available for Xbox 360 are rated G or PG
  • 46 per cent of Australian gamers are female

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