Yahoo services will soon be available to BlackBerry users worldwide as a result of an expanded global alliance between Yahoo and wireless technology company, Research in Motion (RIM) – BlackBerry’s creator.

The services will include ‘Yahoo Go’ (real time access to Yahoo’s community and content services) along with the familiar ‘Yahoo Mail’, ‘Yahoo Search’ and ‘Yahoo Messenger’.

“Our Yahoo users want to access our services from all of their connected devices. Together with RIM, we can make it easy for the millions of BlackBerry users to have access to their favorite Yahoo products and services while on the go,” said Yahoo’s Senior Vice President, Marco Boerries.
“We are pleased to expand our relationship with Yahoo to provide BlackBerry customers with new and enhanced access to Yahoo services around the world. Our collaboration with Yahoo will deliver increasingly rich content and services, including enhanced support for Yahoo Mail, to BlackBerry customers in over sixty countries,” said RIM Chairman and co-CEO, Jim Balsillie.

Availability details for the new services will follow shortly, the companies said.

See www.blackberry.com and http://mobile.yahoo.com/blackberry

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