Yamaha has added to its range of iPod-compatible products with the launch of a universal dock and receivers, which allow you to integrate the popular mp3 player into a home entertainment system.

The YDS-10S dock is compatible with most iPods, including the mini, nano, Photo and U2 special edition. Once the receiver and the dock are connected, the user sets the remote control code to navigate the player via the receiver’s remote control. You can also view photos and video stored on the iPod.

There are two new iPod-compatible AV receivers, the RX-V559B and the RX-V659B. Both feature the Compressed Music Enhancer technology, which improves the high and low range frequency response of mp3 files. Sound quality lost during the encoding process is also restored.

The YDS-10S dock retails for $149, while the RX-V559B receiver retails for $899 and the RX-V659B retails for $1099.

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