Equipped with 11.2 channels, Yamaha Music Australia has announced its new flagship receiver, the RXZ11.

The RXZ11 consolidates the superior audiovisual reproduction that industry expects from Yamaha with support for the latest HD formats of Blu-Ray and HD DVD technology, the company claims.

According to Yamaha, the RXZ11 adds front and rear presence speakers to traditional configurations. Moreover, activating Yamaha’s new CINEMA DSP HD3 will employ these speakers to create a vertical aspect to the sound, resulting in a three-dimensional audio sensation.

RXZ11’s HDMI version 1.3a ensures bandwidth to handle the latest in visual reproduction including 1080p resolution and over one billion colours. And coupled with support for 24Hz refresh rate matching current Blu-Ray material, Yamaha says that its RXZ11 will offer visual delights for the most discerning consumer.

The RXZ11 offers superior visual reproduction with high definition video up-conversion from analogue sources, output via HDMI. Upscaling these images to 1080p full HD, the RXZ11 allows you to enjoy your video library in pristine HD quality imagery. Finally, the RXZ11 offers full support for the latest audio formats including Dolby Digital Plus/True HD and DTS High Resolution Audio/Master Audio.

With 11.2 channels of assignable discrete amplification (140W x 7 + 50W x 4), the RXZ11 suits various room configurations and are all controllable via the included zone controller. The RXZ11 will also up-convert a video signal from either composite or S-Video to component, allowing the video source to be displayed in zone 2. Add a coaxial digital audio out for the second zone, and with the help of a power amp, the capacity exists to listen to multi-channel audio in the second zone.


AV Product Manager for Yamaha Music Australia, Dale Moore said: “The RXZ11 provides a range of innovative ways in which to construct the home entertainment system. Powering up to five zones with independent sources including two zones with visual content, the RXZ11 is essential to high-end installations”.

Connectivity has also been carefully considered by Yamaha’s engineers as the RXZ11 has five HDMI inputs including one strategically placed on the front panel. There are also no less than four component video inputs and two outputs that will provide extensive high quality video connectivity and eight digital audio inputs offer compatibility with a wide variety of digital audio sources.

The RXZ11 also supports Network Receiver features, enabling access to Internet Radio, music stored on a PC or MusicCAST server. With the included YDS-10S dock view iPod music, images and video files in the high quality reproduction they deserve.

For non-iPod users, USB inputs on the front and rear panel ensure fast access to other removable storage devices. No matter what the medium, music libraries are conveniently browsed through the Graphical User Interface (GUI) via album, artist, genre or location.

With forty engineers working on all facets of the RXZ11, the goal of delivering transparency and sonic richness has been achieved. It utilises the latest audio engineering such as current feedback amplification, highest quality audiograde parts, custom designed for the RXZ11, and Yamaha’s proprietary Digital ToP-ART circuitry ensuring the shortest and most efficient signal routes.

Extending their dedication to excellence in audio reproduction, Yamaha has further developed the Compressed Music Enhancer. Utilising sophisticated algorithms, the RXZ11 ensures your compressed music sounds rich and full-bodied.

YPAO Sound Optimisation is more advanced incorporating the most comprehensive version yet with multi-point measurement and standing wave reduction.

With an expected release date of February 2008, pricing for the RXZ11 is to be confirmed.

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