A survey conducted by a leading research company has revealed that 57 percent of YouTube users are working, with 61 percent of respondents saying that they are not tech-savvy.

Research International conducted the research on behalf of Google and interviewed 3,000 males and females nationwide aged over 14 years, who had visited the YouTube website in the past three months.

According to the survey, 14 to 17 year olds only make up 7 percent of Australian YouTube users, 18 to 29 year olds make up 32 percent, 30 to 39 year olds comprise 20 percent, 40 to 49 year olds constitute 18 percent, 50 to 59 year olds make up 13 percent, and over 60 years make up 10 percent of YouTube users in Australia.

In addition, 57 percent of respondents are working, 19 percent are stay at home, and only 15 percent are studying. The survey also revealed that 61 percent of YouTube users are not tech-savvy and that more than half of respondents were married (55 percent).

Most of the respondents said that YouTube is their favourite place to watch videos (86 percent) and stay on the site for an average of an hour and nine minutes per week. Finally, the survey revealed that 51 percent watch music videos, 31 percent watch trailers, 27 watch user-generated content, 26 percent watch TV shows, 25 percent watch TV ads, 22 percent watch news clips, and 18 percent watch sports news or highlights.

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