In today’s fast-paced tech world, it’s easy for brands to forget that thousand dollar phones are not a feasible reality for everyone.

Be it in an interim device to get you through next month’s pay, or a secondary work phone for tax purposes.

Maybe it’s your child’s first phone? Or a cheap, simple handset for Gran and Pop?

Whatever your reasoning, research asserts there’s still demand for ultra-affordable handsets, plus the pace of technology means they’re more advanced than ever before.

Here’s a list of some cracker sub $200 smartphone deals:

nokia2.1 product feature images back Cheap & Cheerful Phones: Under $200

Nokia 2.1 ($199 at JB Hi-Fi)

With a 5.5″ HD display screen, and whopping 4,000mAh battery, the 2.1 leverages Nokia’s old-age smartphone reputation in a new super-affordable design.

The device comes with Android 8.1 Oreo (Go edition) and boasts dual front-firing speakers for louder sound.

LG Electronics 34402346 LGM700DSK d1 210717 zoom Cheap & Cheerful Phones: Under $200

LG Q6 (On sale for $199 at JB Hi-Fi, usually $249)

Considered the underdog of the smartphone world, LG has remained committed to its smartphone portfolio amidst a league of big boys.

The 5.5″ Q6 boast an 18:9 Full HD+ FullVision Display screen, sleek metal body and the company’s exclusive Square Camera.

LG Cheap & Cheerful Phones: Under $200

alcatel 3v dual sim Cheap & Cheerful Phones: Under $200

Alcatel 3V Dual-Sim (on sale for $142 at Expansys, usually $292)

Featuring an Android 8 Oreo operating system, 18:9 FullView display and 16MP/2MP dual rear camera, Alacatel has continued to push the boundaries of what ‘cheap’ phones can do.

The device features facial recognition, and incorporates a stylish 3D curved back with gleaming mirrored shine.

LG Electronics 34382370 LGX240YK large 1 zoom 1 Cheap & Cheerful Phones: Under $200

LG 1 Cheap & Cheerful Phones: Under $200

LG K8 (16GB) (On Sale for $129 at JB Hi-Fi, usually $199)

The Korean giant has deployed a notable 13MP rear camera and, 5-inch HD display screen for its K8.

With 2.5D Arc glass edges that are smooth to the touch, the device claims to fit comfortably and stylishly into your hand.

258796 L LO Cheap & Cheerful Phones: Under $200

Nokia 88100 4G (Yellow) (On Sale at JB Hi-Fi for $129)

Nokia has sought to capitalise on warm nostalgic feelings of old, with the re-release of its colloquial ‘banana phone.’

Incorporating a Qualcomm 205 mobile chip, the phone offers up to 25 days of standby time from a single charge.

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