Kleenmaid has launched a new compact clothes dryer in time for Christmas, which is also designed to match the brand’s current KFL1600 front-loading washing machine which was launched earlier this year.

KED601 Dryer

The new KED601 dryer (RRP $2,199) features moisture sensors that “take away the guess work”, stopping the machine when the clothes are dried, according to Kleenmaid.

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Intermittent tumbling at the end of the cycle indicates a cooling phase which eliminates heavy creasing, making ironing simpler and quicker, says the company.

Users can choose the right setting for their clothes from five drying level settings and 15 different programs.

The KED601 offers a condenser that drains away moisture instead of venting it into the room.

The new model replaces the KED600.

KFL1600 Washing Machine

Though released to the market late last year, sales of the Kleenmaid KFL1600 front-loading washing machine is still going strong with its 6.5kg capacity and energy-saving benefits.


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The machine is rated 4.5 WELS stars for water efficiency, cleaning a full load in 39 litres of water.

The washer also offers a 5-star energy rating, and features 19 wash programs and a range of dedicated cleaning features including Quick Wash which will cut 47 minutes off the cycle.


Kleenmaid is educating consumers about the benefits of properly caring for clothes before they enter the washing machine, such as attending to heavy stains and hanging them from proper hangers.

“The best results in the laundry begin with stain removal. The older the stain, the harder it is to remove, so treat it as promptly as you can,” says Kleenmaid.

“If the stain is protein, e.g. blood, milk or egg, always soak in cold water first. This is because heat will set the stain. You can also use an enzyme soaker or detergent.

“If the stain is tannin, e.g. fruit juice, soft drinks, tea or coffee, be sure to wash with detergent, not soap.

“For oil based stains, e.g. cosmetics, mayonnaise, or automotive oil, treat with liquid detergent or a pretreatment spray. If the stain is just an oily mark, sprinkle it with talcum powder and work into the mark to absorb the oil, shake off the excess, and wash.

“Rust stains respond well to a mixture of lemon juice and salt. Rub on the stain then dry in the sun. A word of caution: lemon juice can bleach some colours and some fabrics are not colourfast in sunlight. Using chlorine bleach will make the stain permanent.”

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