On Monday people around the whole reported having difficulties accessing Facebook, many users took to Twitter to lament the situation that has since been rectified.

Thousands of people around the world, but mostly concentrated in the US, reported connection issues on DownDetector.

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oputage Facebook Suffers Global Outage
Down Detector’s map of reported instances of Facebook outages.

The reason Facebook was down for only certain people was not immediately clear, however, Business Insider quoted a New York Times tech reporter Mike Isaac’s statement from a Facebook spokesperson: “Earlier today, a routine test caused users to have trouble accessing or posting to all Facebook services including WhatsApp and Instagram. We quickly investigated and restored access for everyone. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

While certain social media strategists tweeted that they didn’t know how to deal with the situation, most approached it with great humour.

Even though many were annoyed by this social media snaffu, although not many here in Australia as we slept through the outage, it led to a great surge of memes and gif shares on tweeter.

Many took to Twitter to tweet about the situation, joke about finally having the ability to go outside, and YouTuber Phil DeFranco jokily wailed that he had no way to know people’s opinions from people in his past.


This isn’t the first time that Facebook had a major outage, it went down in July when an update led to Android users in certain areas were unable to log into the social media site for up to ten hours.

It again happened in August users couldn’t log onto the platform as Instagram experienced server issues.

Thankfully for those lamenting the outage, Facebook is back to normal working order, the social media mogul lives on. But we can still remember the memes.

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