It seems like nothing is safe from the smart device revolution with a Miami based company unveiling its smart diaper prototype at CES 2020 for both babies and the elderly. Currently, in use at three French healthcare facilities, the device from Smardii is a small white disk called a ‘puck’ that attaches to any pair of disposable diapers. Smardii will also sell it’s own disposable smart diapers, with the company offering monthly bundles for US$79, though this does not include the adult diapers. The ‘puck’ is capable of sensing if the diaper has been soiled and will notify the user, carer or parent via the companion smartphone app through Bluetooth, or to a Smardii produced Wi-Fi Gateway Device. Within the app, caregivers will be able to track up to 12 individual patients with a whole array of information available at your fingertips. You can even ask Alexa to check the status of a Smardii smart diaper, making the process even easier. In addition, the sensor will also monitor body temperature, detect any abnormalities in urine composition and may even prevent the onset of bedsores by tracking movement.
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The app is also capable of storing data over weeks and months to better track body function and health. Smardii founder Vikram Mehta told Investor’s Business Daily that the device will likely see operation within nursing home settings. According to research, incontinence (bladder control) affects an estimated 50% of adults over the age of 60.
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