Custom smart home installers can now include Yamaha into the mix with the integration of its MusicCast-enabled A/V receivers into the ecosystem. smart home platform provides a voice-controlled home coupled with a suite of apps that can auto-discover AV devices on a network.

This now includes over 40 of the MusicCast receivers from Yamaha.

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Through’s proprietary natural language processing (NLP), users can request their home to complete many tasks including turning lights on or playing music via voice command. was the first voice platform to add natural language control for multisource A/V setups by adding support for distributed A/V routing.

This provides a natural voice-controlled automation solution for the entire home ecosystem.

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“We designed MusicCast technology for ease of use and maximum flexibility. This means continually adding new features and capabilities for enhancing and controlling home entertainment and music experiences,” said Robert Goedken, general manager, AV Division, Yamaha Corporation of America.

“ goes beyond the DIY convenience of other voice assistants with sophisticated controls exclusively for smart home integrators. We look forward to more natural integrations with in our home audio products and capabilities over time.”

The new integration with Yamaha applies to all MusicCast-enabled AV receivers — MusicCast products are available from Yamaha’s website and at The Good Guys. is available through trusted smart home technology installers.

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