After a roaring success selling their budget Android tablets at Optus TCL owned Alcatel has released a new $130 that features a slim design, 4G connectivity, a powerful battery as well as a family care capability and Google Lens.

The Alcatel 3T 8 is one of the most affordable tablet solution being sold in Australia and is ideal for a kitchen or as a controller of entertainment devices as well as reading emails, books or watching a video.

1EbC5k0Q 1024x1024 $130 Android Tablet Launched By AlcatelIt’s also one of the first tablets in the market to be powered by Android™ Oreo™ (Go edition), which is optimised to help affordable tablets run Android faster, more efficiently and more securely. Android™ Oreo™ (Go edition) is the ideal platform for those who want to enjoy a powerful Android experience at an affordable price.

It can also be paired with a Bluetooth keyboard for professional use or a child-friendly bumper case for family use as well as Android™ Oreo™ (Go edition), making it faster and more efficient with built-in optimisation.

Designed for mobility, the Alcatel 3T 8 weighs in at just 279 grams and is super slim at only 8.2mm. Available with either a Metallic Black or Suede Blue premium matte finish, this tablet looks sleek and modern.

It also has a long-lasting 4080mAh battery that ensures effortless browsing that can last all day.

The Family Care Functions, including Kids Mode, Eye Care Mode and a robust Bumper Case.

Kids Mode gives parents or guardians control over app accessibility and usage time with a simple, user-friendly interface.

The Android™ Oreo™ (Go edition) features a set of popular Google apps that run quickly and smoothly, including Google Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go and more.

As part of the platform, users also get access to YouTube Go, which lets users download videos and view them offline when data isn’t available. The Google Play Store will also suggest third-party apps tailor-made for Go edition devices, including Facebook Lite, Skype Lite and more.

Google Lens is an image recognition app that uses AI-powered technology to helps users explore the world around them.

Users simply take a photo or screenshot, and Google Lens will detect and identify the object, as well as offer suggestions based on the object. Users can find products online, copy and paste text, learn more about landmarks, add events to their calendar, look up movie posters, identify popular plants and animals and more.

The Alcatel 3T 8 will be available in Australia soon for sub $130 AUD.

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